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Most, but not all white-collar crimes involve money. White-collar crimes are non-violent in nature and most are financially motivated. Even though these crimes do not seem dangerous, there are dedicated state and federal units that vigorously prosecute these alleged offenses. The government often has an entire team that includes prosecutors and forensic investigators following what they believe to be a money trail.

White Collar Defense Involves Complicated Cases

White-collar crime cases are often much more complex than violent crimes. There are usually bank records and reams of communications and emails to sift through. Prosecutors seemingly have endless resources to do this on their own when they are investigating a potential defendant. When the government has filed white-collar indictments, they usually come after a long investigation.

The most common white-collar crime is fraud. This can come in numerous forms and carries stiff penalties. However, for the government to prove fraud, they must prove that the defendant had the intent to commit the crime. A white-collar defense attorney will often try to show that their client did not have the required intent.

Common State and Federal White Collar Charges

Many of these crimes have both state and federal versions of the statute. The charges that the defendant’s face depends on who is doing the investigating. Here are some of the more common white-collar crimes in California:

Fraud – This is an intentional misrepresentation, deceit, or concealment of a material fact in order to deprive someone else of a property right. The federal criminal code has a number of fraud crimes, including:

  • Wire fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Mail fraud

Courts have handed out jail sentences of 20 years or more for serious cases of this felony.

Embezzlement – This is a form of theft when the defendant has been entrusted with property and tries to take it. This can be an employee stealing from a business or a trustee siphoning off funds from an account. Most cases of embezzlement are charged as a felony because the value of the property taken is over $950.

Extortion – This is when a defendant uses force or fear to take away someone else’s property. This could involve the threat of physical or reputational harm.

Perjury –  This is the one white-collar crime that does not involve money. It is when the defendant knowingly makes a false statement under oath. There are other federal false statement offenses that punish certain writings and statements made to federal officers, such as false benefit applications and untrue representations to federal officers.

These are just some of the many white-collar crimes in California. You need an experienced white-collar attorney familiar with all of these offenses if you have been charged.

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