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Federal criminal law operates in a very different way than state law. In a way, the federal criminal justice system is much more unforgiving than the state system. There has been some move towards criminal justice reform in California, but federal sentences are often longer, and there is no possibility of parole that is why it is imperative to seek immediate legal assistance from a Riverside, CA Federal Offenses Lawyer to build the strongest defense possible.

Federal Sentences Can Be Tougher

Federal crimes often carry strict mandatory minimum sentences. Judges use the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. While courts are not obligated to use the Guidelines, most judges still do in criminal cases. This reduces defendants’ ability to receive more leniency from the judge because the Guidelines will have a minimum sentence as part of their range. Some state law programs that defendants may qualify for as reduced sentences are not available on the federal level. This raises the stakes of your federal criminal trial.

When Are Federal Crimes Charged?

Most crimes in California are charged as state crimes. However, there are circumstances that can result in federal charges. They include:

  • Alleged criminal actions that cross state lines
  • Activity that occurs on federal property
  • White-collar charges such as mail, bank, and wire fraud
  • Specific federal crimes that involve federal authority, such as false statements
  • Benefit program fraud

Federal Law Enforcement Has Plenty of Resources

Federal investigative authorities are generally very well-staffed and thorough in their work. Government officials know how to build a case thanks to the extensive training that they have. They are meticulous and leave no stone unturned in their investigations.

Law enforcement on the federal level is well-funded, and you are up against an entire legal machine. Federal prosecutors are also known to be impeccably credentialed and are very good at what they do, so you need to counter them with a forceful and aggressive attorney of your own. You are best off when you have someone in your corner who knows how prosecutors think.

Key Differences Between Federal and State Cases

There are some key differences between the federal criminal justice system and the one on the state level.

  • Federal courts have fewer cases, and the cases in federal court can sometimes move more quickly.
  • Federal crimes rely on different prosecutors and judges.
  • Federal prosecutors often wait longer to file charges, allowing time for a thorough investigation. This means that criminal indictments may be much better supported than state charges.
  • There are many more resources available to federal prosecutors as law enforcement resources are virtually unlimited.

All of this adds up to a situation in which someone who has been charged with a federal crime needs to hire a defense attorney immediately. In fact, most people should not even wait that long. In the federal court system, you will likely know that you are being investigated and that criminal charges are a possibility. At that time, your lawyer can engage with prosecutors to get a better sense of what they are investigating. Some potential defendants have even managed to head off charges through early engagement with the prosecutor. Regardless, defendants can leave little to chance if they are the target of federal law enforcement.

Federal criminal convictions can have devastating consequences on you and your family. Beyond what could be a tough jail sentence, federal convictions often require restitution that could leave you in a financial bind for the rest of your life. Federal sentences have multiple parts to them that have significant ramifications.

Why You Need an Attorney in a Federal Case

Like any other criminal case, you can benefit from an attorney who knows how to analyze the merits of your case quickly. Federal prosecutors win many of the cases that go to trial, but that does not mean that it is impossible to fight the charges. Equally likely is the fact that your lawyer can engage with prosecutors early to achieve the best possible legal outcome for you. Attorney Daniel DeLimon knows how to talk to prosecutors because he spent 16 years as one of the top prosecutors in California.

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