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Being charged with a drug crime can be a life-changing event. Its consequences can include jail or prison time, heavy fines, and long probation with restrictions and conditions that must be met. When this happens, you need a legal ally who has extensive experience defending charges in the state and federal court systems. 

At DeLimon Law, you will have a criminal defense lawyer who has the experience, trial skills, and dedication you need. Attorney DeLimon is a former Riverside District Attorney who worked in the drug unit and thoroughly understands California drug laws, its justice system, and how the state will operate in trying to convict you. This invaluable insight gives you an advantage when fighting against drug charges of all types and complexity.

What Are Drug Crimes in California?

Drug crimes can range from misdemeanors to serious felonies. In serious cases involving interstate drug activities, they can be charged as federal crimes with serious consequences. In California, drug crimes fall under the California Health and Safety Code, which makes drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, fentanyl, and unauthorized prescription drugs illegal to possess, distribute, sell, import, manufacture, or traffic. 

Additional drug-related crimes for which you can be charged include the possession of drug paraphernalia, altering or forging a prescription, concealing drugs in a false compartment, money laundering, operating a drug house, and more. 

What Are the Penalties for a Drug Conviction?

The penalties will depend on the charges filed against you, whether they are on the state or federal level, the type of drugs involved, their quantity, and other relevant factors. A misdemeanor charge is generally punishable by up to a year in jail, fines, and probation. Felonies are punishable by more than a year in prison, heavy fines, and probation. 

The collateral damage of a drug conviction is that you will be left with a permanent criminal record that can hamper your future in terms of employment, housing, educational opportunities, and professional licenses. 

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help?

For those who are first-time drug possession offenders, you may be eligible for California’s drug diversion program. This program allows you to avoid a conviction by undergoing a court program of drug education and treatment. If you complete the program issued to you by the court, you can walk away without a criminal record. 

For all others, our Murrieta drug crimes attorney can put his extensive experience to work for you in defending against charges or negotiating with the prosecutor for a reduced charge that carries lighter sentencing. Attorney DeLimon will have your case thoroughly investigated in search of flaws and mistakes in the state’s case against you, as well as evidence that is favorable to you. 

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