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While the rate of violent crimes in California is near all-time lows, it has been on the rise recently. Prosecutors have become much more aggressive about charging these crimes. This may result in innocent people facing criminal indictments based on charges that have not been fully investigated. This is why you need a criminal defense attorney in a violent offense case.

Violent Crimes in California

In California, the law specifically designates certain offenses as “violent crimes.” In total, there are 23 of these offenses. Here are some examples of what state law deems to be violent crimes:

If one is convicted of these crimes, they may lose the right to some leniency.  For example, one can win an early release from prison for some nonviolent felonies. However, if one has been convicted of any violent offense, there are reasons why the state will want to keep them incarcerated. Therefore, the stakes are high when one has been charged with a violent offense.

Most violent crimes are charged as felonies. These carry a minimum sentence of a year in prison. Even if the defendant escapes felony charges, most of these are considered serious misdemeanors that will also mean jail time.

Violent Crime Convictions Can Have Serious Consequences

Those convicted of violent crimes face a number of serious ramifications that will follow them for a lifetime even after they serve any jail sentence. Their convictions may disqualify them for some future employment. Further, the conviction could start the clock for California’s very tough “three strikes law.” Criminal defendants have every reason to fight violent offense charges or reach a favorable plea deal with the prosecutor in exchange for lesser charges.

Even if the defendant faces a number of serious charges, prosecutors must still prove every element of the crime to win a conviction. Some of these crimes require that the government show the defendant’s intent to commit the offense. Nearly all of these crimes will rely on physical evidence to prove the charges. This gives defendants with an experienced defense attorney an opening to fight the charges that they face.

Sometimes it takes a former prosecutor to fight charges filed by a current prosecutor. Those with experience on the other side of the criminal justice system will know how to hone in on the weakness in the prosecution’s case and exploit it. Sometimes, law enforcement will file charges that are not fully supported by the evidence or are backed by evidence that was illegally seized. This is where your Riverside violent offenses attorney can fight for your legal rights.

Let a Riverside Violent Offenses Lawyer Protect Your Rights

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