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A felony is the most serious type of crime in California. If you have been convicted of a felony, you may face serious consequences, including time in state prison, heavy fines, and a loss of civil rights. DeLimon Law is your trusted Riverside felony lawyer who has a decade of experience in handling complex felony cases and can help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights.

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Common Types of Felony Crimes in CA

In California, there are several common types of felony crimes that are recognized under state law. It's important to note that felony crimes are typically more serious offenses than misdemeanors and are punishable by imprisonment for more than one year, hefty fines, or both.

Here are some common types of felony crimes in California:

  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon: This refers to intentionally using a deadly weapon to cause injury or harm to another person. The weapon can be anything capable of causing serious bodily harm or death, such as a knife or firearm.
  • Burglary: It involves unlawfully entering a structure (residence, business, or other premises) with the intent to commit theft or any other felony once inside. This can include breaking into a building or entering through an open door without permission.
  • Robbery: This offense occurs when a person uses force, fear, or intimidation to take someone else's property directly from their person or immediate presence. It involves the element of threat or force against the victim.
  • Drug Possession and Trafficking: Drug-related offenses can range from simple possession of controlled substances, such as cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine, to more serious offenses like drug trafficking, manufacturing, or distributing narcotics.
  • Homicide: This includes crimes such as murder, manslaughter, and vehicular manslaughter. Murder involves the intentional killing of another person, while manslaughter refers to an unlawful killing without premeditation or malice aforethought.
  • Sexual Assault: This category includes various forms of non-consensual sexual acts, such as rape, sexual battery, and sexual abuse. These crimes involve engaging in sexual activity without the explicit consent of the other person or when the other person is unable to provide consent.
  • Fraud: Felony fraud offenses can include identity theft, embezzlement, insurance fraud, credit card fraud, and securities fraud. These crimes involve deceit, misrepresentation, or intentional deception for personal gain.
  • Kidnapping: This crime involves unlawfully taking and detaining another person against their will by force, fear, or fraud. Kidnapping can occur for ransom, as part of another felony, or with the intent to commit other crimes like sexual assault or robbery.
  • Weapons Offenses: Felony weapons offenses involve the illegal possession, sale, or use of firearms or other dangerous weapons. This can include possessing firearms without the required permits or using them during the commission of another felony.
  • White-Collar Crimes: This category encompasses a range of non-violent offenses typically committed in business or professional settings. Examples include embezzlement, bribery, insider trading, and money laundering.

Felony Sentencing in California

In California, the sentencing of felonies is determined by various factors, including the nature and severity of the crime, the defendant's criminal history, and the discretion of the judge. The state has a complex sentencing structure that takes into account both determinate and indeterminate sentencing.

Under determinate sentencing, the punishment for a felony offense is set by statute and provides a specific term of imprisonment. The California Penal Code establishes three categories of felonies: misdemeanors with a maximum sentence of one year or less, wobblers (offenses that can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor), and straight felonies with prison terms exceeding one year.

For straight felonies, the Penal Code usually assigns a specific term of imprisonment. For example, if a person is convicted of a felony offense with a determinate sentence of three years, they will serve the entire three-year term in prison.

On the other hand, some serious felonies in California are subject to indeterminate sentencing. This means that the defendant is given a range of possible sentences rather than a specific term. Indeterminate sentencing is primarily applied to offenses known as "Three Strikes" crimes and other violent offenses.

For Three Strikes crimes, if a defendant has two prior convictions for serious or violent felonies, they face an indeterminate sentence of 25 years to life in prison for any subsequent felony conviction. However, judges still have discretion to depart from the mandatory sentence in certain circumstances.

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If you are facing felony charges, you need a Riverside felony lawyer who understands the complex legal issues surrounding felony charges and can help you reduce or dismiss your charges and help you avoid prison time. Our Riverside felony lawyers have handled thousands of cases and can help you explore all of your options and defenses.

We understand how serious felony charges are and can help you fight your felony charges and protect your rights. If you are facing felony charges, you need a Riverside felony lawyer who can help you.

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