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While California has legalized medical and recreational marijuana, many drug crimes still carry harsh penalties. Even the possession of certain amounts of marijuana, along with sales, delivery, and cultivation, can lead to misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the circumstances. Other drug crimes involving controlled substances such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, PCP, fentanyl, and more can result in jail or prison sentences, hefty fines, and probation. Being caught with or distributing unauthorized prescription medicines in the state is another type of drug crime that is investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

When facing any drug crime, you need an experienced and skilled trial attorney who can take your case all the way through to a judge and jury, if necessary. At DeLimon Law, you can work with a former prosecutor who has a thorough understanding of how the other side works. That gives our firm a valuable edge when taking on any case. 

Common Drug Offenses in California

Like other states, California lists drugs according to “schedules” based on their level of addictiveness and danger to users. Five schedules have been created, from I to V, with the most dangerous drugs in schedules I and II. 

How you are charged in any drug crime will depend on the schedule that the drugs found in your possession fall under, their quantity, your intent, and previous convictions, if any. 

Drug crimes can include:

  • Possession for your own use
  • Possession with intent to sell or distribute
  • Sales or distribution
  • Cultivation or manufacture
  • Trafficking

Penalties for Drug Crimes

Penalties for drug crimes will depend on the charges. Possession of any type of drug can carry penalties of up to a year in jail, along with fines. More serious crimes, such as possession with the intent to distribute, carry penalties of up to four years in prison, as well as a fine of up to $20,000. The harshest penalties are imposed for crimes involving drug transactions, such as transporting, offering, or selling. Incarceration sentences for these types of crimes can range from three to nine years. 

Drug Crime FAQs

What Does “Possession” of Drugs Actually Mean?

Possession means that you had control over the drug, whether personally or through someone else. You don’t actually have to be holding or touching the drug to be in possession of it. For example, if the drug is in your purse, bag, glove box, trunk of your car, desk, closet, or storage area, you are in possession. 

What Is a Drug Diversion Program?

When charged with simple possession (possession for your use only), you may be eligible for a pretrial diversion program. This allows you to get drug treatment and education instead of jail time. You will be given a set of conditions you must follow as set forth by the court. If you complete the court’s program, your charges can be dismissed, and you may have no criminal record.

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A drug crime conviction can disrupt your life in many ways. Aside from criminal penalties, you will have a criminal record that can make obtaining employment, housing, educational opportunities, and professional licenses difficult. Noncitizens may face deportation. The sooner you contact our firm, the better we can protect your rights and interests in seeking an optimum outcome. 

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