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Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel DeLimon is fiercely passionate about defending you, your family, your freedom, and your future. As a former prosecutor with extensive high-profile experience, long standing relationships in the legal system, and an excellent reputation as one of the areas’ top trial lawyers, he obtains outstanding results for his clients.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Riverside

Mr. DeLimon is an award-winning trial lawyer and former prosecutor with extensive high-profile experience, deep relationships in the legal system, and an excellent reputation as one of the area’s best and most experienced trial lawyers.  He is frequently consulted by high-net-worth individuals, and clients connected to the criminal justice system who understand which criminal defense attorneys are “the best of the best.” 

During his nearly 20-year career as a criminal lawyer, Mr. DeLimon has personally handled thousands of criminal cases and tried more than 70 jury trials to verdict including, 30 homicide cases, and some of California’s most complex death penalty cases. Mr. DeLimon is a 4-Time “Attorney of the Year” in Riverside County and member of the “National Top 100 Trial Lawyers.”  The Riverside Superior Court also recognizes Mr. DeLimon as one of the few criminal defense attorneys who is qualified to handle death penalty cases in Riverside. 

Mr. DeLimon takes pride in leveraging his many years of experience leading criminal investigations and successfully trying criminal cases, and the excellent reputation he forged in trial courts, to defend his clients skillfully and aggressively from criminal charges. 

Mr. DeLimon and his team of experienced criminal justice professionals, obtain outstanding results for his clients including “not guilty” verdicts at trial, dismissal of felony charges, reduction of felony charges, dismissal of misdemeanor charges, and save clients from serious criminal penalties and lengthy sentences.   

If you are being investigated by police, or you have been charged with a crime, hire a well-respected criminal defense lawyer who can obtain the best possible outcome for your case.  The attorney you hire as your lawyer will send a message to the prosecution about whether you intend to defend yourself aggressively by hiring the best lawyer possible, or not.

For the most important call you will ever make, our Riverside criminal defense lawyers are available 24/7 at (951) 382-5559.

Attorney Daniel DeLimon
Our Case Results We Seek Victory in Every Case
  • Forcible Rape Charges Dismissed

    Client facing “forcible rape charge” in juvenile court trial had his charges dropped mid-trial. This outcome was obtained by proving the alleged victim lied numerous times during the investigation and under oath during the trial and shows how an overwhelming and effective defense effort can lead to the right and just result.

  • Client Facing Life Sentence Found Not Guilty of All Charges

    Client facing life in prison for “Three Strikes” serious assault case was found not guilty of all charges and was freed immediately after the verdict. The verdict was achieved by proving that the alleged victim lied numerous times under oath during the trial and providing information showing that our client was being truthful about his self-defense claim.

  • Attempted Murder Charges Dismissed

    Client facing life in prison on attempt murder charges had attempted murder charges dismissed and he was later released. This outcome was obtained by aggressive representation of the client at the preliminary hearing that showed the alleged victim and his friends lied numerous times during the investigation and under oath.

How a Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Defend You 

Your right to choose and attorney is critical to the success of your case.  Choosing an aggressive, experienced, and hardworking defense lawyer is essential to protect you from the potential consequences of criminal prosecution in Riverside.  The attorney you choose will send a message to the prosecution about whether you are serious about defending yourself and whether you have the requisite knowledge of the legal system to hire an excellent trial lawyer.  A skilled, experienced, and well-respected lawyer can often negotiate, or if necessary, force a better outcome for your criminal case. By hiring Mr. DeLimon and our firm, you are sending a message to the prosecution that you intend to hire one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the Inland Empire to seek the best possible outcome of your case.      

An experienced defense lawyer can help you:

1.  Identify law enforcement errors or deficiencies in the investigation.  Law enforcement officers are human and make errors in judgement and procedure that can help prove you are innocent or not guilty of the charge. 

2.  Coordinate your own defense investigation to assist in your defense.  An experienced defense attorney understands the value of conducting your own defense investigation to help develop defense evidences that proves your innocence or helps show that you should be found not guilty of the charge.

3. Identify legal defenses to crimes that you did not know exist.  An experienced defense attorney has access to legal resources and legal research tools that can help you to develop legal defenses to your case. 

4.  Negotiate your case with prosecutors and judges.  An experienced, well respected defense lawyer, with deep connections in the legal system can help you negotiate your case with prosecutors and judges.    

Attempting to Negotiate a Plea Deal

Most criminal cases end in a plea bargain. When you accept a plea bargain, it means you agree to plead guilty to less serious charges or in return for the prosecutor recommending a less serious sentence to the judge. Importantly, people who are represented by an attorney usually receive significantly better plea bargain offers than those who choose to represent themselves.

Representing You in Court

In the event that your case goes to court, it’s imperative that you have an attorney representing you. Criminal law and court procedures are complex, and unrepresented defendants do not tend to fare well at the trial. A lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected and that you present the strongest defense possible.

Attorney DeLimon

Mr. DeLimon is an award-winning trial lawyer, and former prosecutor, who served as a homicide attorney in one of the nation’s largest District Attorney’s offices, before starting his own criminal defense and civil rights firm.

Our Client Reviews Getting our Clients the Justice They deserve 
  • "He is a powerhouse in the courtroom!"

    He has compassion and empathy for all parties as well as one of the sharpest legal minds around. He is a powerhouse in the courtroom; the kind of attorney people stop and listen to.

    - Former Colleague
  • "Not guilty of all charges!"

    I was facing multiple violent felonies and life in prison. Mr. DeLimon took my case to trial and the jury found me NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES and I was released. I owe him my life.

    - Client C.H.
  • "My charges were dismissed!"

    Thankful for the interpersonal connection that Mr. DeLimon expressed through his work ethic and genuine concern for the best outcome of his clients!

    - Daisy

What Makes Us Different

Award-Winning Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. DeLimon has more than 20 years of experienced handling criminal cases as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney.  During that time, Mr. DeLimon has handed thousands of cases and tried more than 70 jury trials, including 30 homicide cases, and numerous high-profile cases. 

During that time, Mr. DeLimon’s work ethic and preparation became well known in the legal community, and he is widely regarded by prosecutors, defense attorney, and judges as one of the most knowledgeable, most prepared, and best prepared criminal trial lawyers in the legal community. 

Mr. DeLimon is perhaps the only criminal defense attorney in Riverside County who has such deep experience as a prosecutor investigating, building and presenting criminal cases, and has also delivered outstanding results on behalf of his client as a criminal defense attorney including a “not guilty” of all charges verdicts on cases carrying potential life sentences, and high number of other victories, including the dismissal of forcible rape allegations, attempt murder charges, serious drug charges, and others. 

As a high-profile prosecutor Mr. DeLimon excelled at investigating, building, and presenting criminal, and he helped train the latest generations of Riverside to do the same.  As such, Mr. DeLimon has a significant advantage among other experienced defense attorneys in knowing and understanding how the case against you was built, the mistakes the government may have made in building the case against you, and most importantly, how to deconstruct or destroy the case against you, and expose all the weaknesses in the case.     

  • 4-Time Attorney of the Year
  • Former Prosecutor
  • Death Penalty Qualified
  • Widely Respected By Legal Community
  • High-Profile Case and Media Experience
  • 17 Years Proven Trial Experience

Get the Information You Need

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are facing criminal charges, you may be asking yourself a variety of questions. We understand how overwhelming this time may be, so we strongly encourage you to read our FAQs or contact us with any questions you may have.
    Read Our FAQs

Charged in San Bernardino? Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Many people who are facing criminal charges wonder how a criminal defense attorney in San Bernardino and surrounding areas can help them – especially if they think the state’s case against them is strong. As a defendant, it’s vital to understand that the criminal justice system is complex, and it takes significant skill and experience to fully protect your rights. Some of the specific ways that an attorney can help you include:

Evaluating the Strength of the Case Against You

Police and prosecutors often overcharge people, expecting them to simply plead guilty and move on with their lives as best as they can. An attorney can evaluate the strength of the state’s case, helping inform your decisions as to how to proceed.

Protecting Your Rights During the Investigation

When you retain an attorney, they will be present every time the police question you and can make sure that you are treated fairly and that you are aware of your legal rights.

Representing You at Bail Hearings

If your charges are serious and the court believes that you are a possible threat to the community or a flight risk, the judge can set bail in your case. This means you must post funds with the court to be released from jail while your criminal case is pending.

Too often, bail is set too high given the circumstances, or there should be no bail at all. If you have bail, discuss your options with your criminal defense attorney. We can represent you at a bail hearing and argue to have your bail reduced or eliminated altogether. We always work to ensure our clients do not have to wait out their cases behind bars.

Determining Whether the Evidence Against You Can Be Suppressed

The 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution places limits on how police can conduct investigations. If they violate your 4th Amendment rights while investigating you, it may be possible to have the evidence they gathered suppressed, which means it cannot be used against you. In many cases, when evidence is suppressed, it significantly weakens the state’s case and may even result in the prosecutor dropping the case entirely.

Riverside criminal lawyer Daniel DeLimon
Free Case Evaluation

While California is a great place to live, arrests happen every day across the state, and people face serious charges in criminal court. A criminal conviction can change your life in costly ways, impacting your finances, freedom, and future in general. Just because you are arrested does not mean a conviction is inevitable, however, as many people successfully defend against their criminal charges with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you are arrested, your first call should be to seek legal help from the defense team at DeLimon Law. You may be wondering how to find the best Criminal Defense lawyer near Riverside, CA. Your choice of attorney will send a strong message to the prosecutor as they are figuring out their potential path forward in your case. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can work to protect your legal rights while giving you insight into what is happening during the process.

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