How a Robbery Conviction on Your Record Will Affect Your Life

Robbery is a felony in California that has a variety of consequences for those convicted of the crime, including incarceration, fines, and probation. However, even though these are all dire consequences, having a record of robbery conviction can have additional consequences that the convicted person suffers for the rest of their life. These reasons are just a few relevant to mention why it is very imperative you have the right Riverside theft offenses lawyer on your side.

Some of these lifelong consequences for robbery conviction include the following:


Robbery is a crime of moral turpitude – therefore, prospective employers often ignore job applicants with a criminal record, especially those with a felony conviction such as robbery. This is especially the case when the position available is one that requires trust in the employee.


Having a roof over one’s head is a basic need for everyone. However, a person convicted of robbery may find it more difficult if not impossible to find housing because of the conviction. Landlords are wary that someone with a robbery conviction may not have a regular source of income and maybe career criminals, so they do not wish to take the risk of having them as tenants.


If one has a robbery conviction, they may find it difficult if not impossible to obtain financial loans. This is because those financial institutions that give loans, including banks, might examine the applicant’s criminal records in addition to their creditworthiness to make loan decisions. If one is not denied a loan because of their criminal record, it is often the case that if they get a loan, it will be one with a much higher interest than it would otherwise be if the person did not have a felony conviction.


Although California voters passed a ballot measure that restored the right to vote for felons on parole, more than five million U.S. citizens lost their right to vote due to criminal records. For those individuals who take the right to vote as seriously as it should be taken, having a conviction can tamper with that right, even in states like California, which allows convicted felons to vote only if they have completed their sentences or are on parole.

Traveling to Other Countries

If one has a robbery conviction, they may find it difficult or even impossible to travel to other countries. This is because many countries require one to disclose their criminal record as part of their mandatory requirements for visa applications. If one has a felony robbery conviction on their record, they may have their visa application denied on that basis, and there is nowhere to appeal such denial. This means a felony robbery conviction can prevent one from traveling to the desired country.

Speak with a Riverside, CA Theft Offenses Lawyer Right Away

If you are facing robbery charges or have robbery on your criminal record, contact the office of DeLimon Law for a free consultation as to what your options may be. Having the right theft offenses attorney can help you avoid a conviction and all the consequences and effects that come with it. Do not wait to seek defense help.

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