School Safety Officer Faces Murder Charges

No police officer is above the law. This principle also applies to school safety officers. One school safety officer in Southern California shot at an 18-year-old mother named Manuela “Mona” Rodriguez in early October 2021, and Ms. Rodriguez was struck by a bullet while she exited an off-campus parking lot. In this case, the school safety officer was charged with one count of murder

Many school districts employ school safety officers to police students and prevent outbreaks of violence. The school safety officer who shot Ms. Rodriguez was not permitted to fire his weapon at a fleeing person, a vehicle, or through a vehicle window unless the action was “a final means of defense.”

Law enforcement agencies are subject to federal regulations, and no individual officer is beyond the scope of the law. Some police officers may be under pressure to use deadly force in situations that do not justify the use of such force, resulting in unnecessary injury or death.

The civil rights team at DeLimon Law represents individuals who have been subjected to civil rights violations and officer overreach. If you have been the victim of police violence or suffered civil rights abuses, contact a law firm you can trust today to schedule a consultation. You need a skilled attorney who understands civil rights law to represent you if you or a loved one suffered unjustified violence at the hands of officers.

Examples Of Police Misconduct And Brutality

Police misconduct may include the following actions:

  1. Malicious prosecution
  2. False imprisonment
  3. False arrest
  4. Police brutality
  5. Excessive force

These types of misconduct can take many different forms. Law enforcement officers may injure suspects during booking procedures, arrests, and high-speed chases. Any of the following can result from officer misconduct:

  1. Wrongful death or injury caused by police
  2. Jail deaths and injuries
  3. Pet shootings
  4. Unlawful stops
  5. Coercive sexual conduct
  6. False arrest
  7. Harassment
  8. Illegal chokeholds
  9. Shooting victims
  10. Inappropriate taser use
  11. Excessive force
  12. Illegal strip searches
  13. No-warrant searches

Police misconduct may result in false imprisonment, injuries, job loss, and other serious harm. Wrongful criminal charges can affect your ability to obtain employment and housing. Police brutality can result in severe injuries such as bone fractures and lacerations. The right lawyer is here to help you understand your civil rights and the legal options that are available to you if your civil rights have been violated.

You do not have to accept violent treatment from law enforcement officers, and you should not wait any longer to assert your legal rights and hold those who injured you liable. You deserve answers and we can help you understand which options are available to you if your civil rights were violated by a law enforcement agency.

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Many victims do not understand their rights if they are victims of police misconduct. DeLimon Law can help you understand the extent of your civil rights and whether a law enforcement agency may have overstepped the boundaries of reasonable behavior. Contact us today or call (951) 382-5559 to schedule an intake appointment and stand up for your constitutional rights.

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