Penalties for Drug Possession in Riverside, CA

As is the case across the state, criminal activity related to drugs is one of the most prosecuted cases in Riverside County. These crimes range from simple possession to more serious ones involving trafficking, which can bring hefty penalties and fines.

While drug crimes can range anywhere from misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia to felony charges of drug trafficking, most of the drug charges are for possession of a controlled substance. Anyone facing this type of charge should seek help from a criminal defense lawyer with experience handling drug cases.

The California Health and Safety Code makes it illegal to have possession of controlled substances, which include illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines, as well as prescription drugs that you possess without a valid prescription. Controlled substances are defined under California law as any drug or chemical that is regulated by the United States Controlled Substances Act.

How Proposition 47 Impacts Drug Crime Cases

Proposition 47 was a California law that was passed in 2014. The law reduced the initial charges for various drug possession cases to misdemeanors and allowed those serving a felony sentence for a drug possession conviction opportunity to petition the court and have their sentences re-visited and be resentenced in conformity with the law.

Courts in Riverside have always been strict when it comes to drug-related crimes. The law proscribing the sale of marijuana or the possession of meth and other prohibited drugs is harsh on defendants. The stigma of a drug-related conviction can be just as harsh as the significant prison time and/or probation sentences those convicted suffer consequently.

At Delimon Law, we help clients facing drug crime charges in finding the best resolution of their cases, and even before you get arrested and charged, if you believe you are or may be under investigation, it is a good thing to talk to our experienced Riverside, Ca drug offenses attorney. This is because the sooner you retain an experienced attorney even before being arrested or charged, the better it can be because part of a good defense strategy is to have a lawyer involved at the investigative stage of the case.

What a Riverside Drug Crimes Lawyer Can Do for You

A good Riverside drug crimes lawyer such as we have at Delimon Law has the knowledge, skills, and resources to mount a strong defense for you. This is our primary responsibility in all cases that we handle in the criminal defense docket.

We also know and understand how the criminal process system works and can tap into our knowledge to give you an even better outcome in your case than you would routinely obtain in even the best of circumstances.

If you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime offense, or if you have not been arrested or charged but believe you may be under investigation, contact the office of DeLimon Law and schedule a consultation to discuss your options in obtaining the best defense possible in your circumstances.

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