Domestic Violence Arrests in Riverside

Domestic violence arrests are common and they can lead to serious consequences that uproot your life. If you are arrested for this reason, you want to speak with a Riverside domestic violence attorney from DeLimon Law right away. 

Many people might get into arguments with a spouse or household member, and nothing happens. However, once someone involved – or a witness – calls the police to report a domestic violence disturbance, things can start moving very quickly. Usually, several police officers will respond to the location of the disturbance and speak with everyone involved to get their individual stories.

If you end up arrested, you should immediately contact a Riverside domestic violence lawyer for assistance. 

Making an Arrest

Many law enforcement departments have policies that at least one person involved in a domestic violence incident should be arrested and removed from the situation. While speaking with those involved, officers will try to obtain probable cause regarding who was the main aggressor in the situation. This could be one, two, or more people. 

Even if the apparent victim of domestic violence changes their mind and objects to an arrest, police will still likely arrest someone. If that person is you, the officers will take you to the station, and they should read you your Miranda rights. In some cases, they might hold you for a certain amount of time and release you, or you might have to post a bond to get released. 

Always speak with a domestic violence attorney before you post bond, as there might be ways to avoid it. Also, always invoke your Miranda rights and call a lawyer before you answer any questions by the police. 

What Happens Next?

What happens after a domestic violence arrest will depend on the circumstances of your situation. Some options might be:

  1. If authorities believe there is enough evidence to charge you with a crime, you might be released with a summons to court, or you might remain in jail until you post a bond (or have a lawyer represent you at a bond hearing).
  2. Authorities might release you with no summons if they need to continue gathering evidence. In this case, detectives will continue to investigate the matter, including interviewing the alleged victim and witnesses, to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to issue charges. 

After an investigation, the prosecutor might file charges against you and seek an arrest warrant. Charges might include domestic battery or corporal injury to a spouse, among others. These are serious charges that could lead to jail time and fines. 

The alleged victim might have been able to obtain a temporary ex parte protective order, which means they can get an order without you present or defending yourself. This might mean you have to leave your home immediately and you might not be able to contact your family. If there were children involved in the domestic violence incident, the police might call Child Protective Services, which can cause significant stress for your household. 

Reach Out to a Riverside Domestic Violence Lawyer

What happens immediately after a domestic violence arrest is a serious business, but it is only the beginning of a long and stressful road in many cases. You want a Riverside domestic violence attorney from DeLimon Law handling every step of your case. Call (951) 382-5559 or contact us online today.

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