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Riverside Homicide Attorney


Riverside Homicide Attorney

In 2019, there were 1,679 homicides across California. While this was down slightly from the year before, the number of homicides in the state is relatively steady. There are usually between 10-20 homicides each year in Riverside. If you are accused of homicide, it is an extremely serious situation, and you want an aggressive Riverside homicide lawyer on your side right away.

Elements of Murder Charges

In California, homicide crimes can actually include a number of offenses. First, there are first-degree murder offenses that require:

  • The defendant caused the death of someone else
  • They acted with malice aforethought
  • There was no lawful excuse or justification

Second-degree murder is when the defendant acts with reckless disregard for human life. It requires willful conduct, but the defendant does not need to have a premeditated intent to kill someone. If prosecutors feel that they do not have the evidence of intent needed to charge first-degree murder, they will opt for a lesser charge like second-degree murder to win a conviction.

Murder requires some sort of premeditated act, whether or not there is an intent to kill. There are also homicide charges where the defendant kills without premeditated, even if there is an intent to kill.

Other Homicide Crimes

Beyond murder, prosecutors can charge a number of other offenses, including:

  • Attempted murder
  • Voluntary homicide
  • Involuntary homicide
  • Felony murder (when the defendant allegedly kills someone while committing a felony)

In all first-degree murder cases, prosecutors must prove that the defendant had the intent to commit the crime. This means that the defendant deliberately meant to kill someone. In California, first-degree murder sentences begin at 25 years to life. Many defendants are sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, and a small handful of people convicted of capital murder are given a death sentence.

This is a high standard that prosecutors cannot always meet. There are a number of defenses that people can rely on to help fight the charges against them. They include:

  • The defendant did kill someone, but it was in self-defense or the defense of others.
  • Police illegally seized evidence or questioned the defendant.
  • The defendant lacked the intent required to commit the crime (e.g., the killing was accidental)
  • The defendant is not competent to stand trial.

Given the harsh penalties for those convicted, homicide cases have the highest stakes of practically any criminal proceeding. It is essential to have an attorney with legal judgment to obtain the best possible legal outcome for their clients.

Attorney Daniel DeLimon can provide you with experienced and knowledgeable representation because he has been on the other side, prosecuting homicide cases. He knows how law enforcement is thinking because he has been in court prosecuting complex homicide cases.

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If you have been charged with any type of homicide crime, your freedom for perhaps the rest of your life is at stake. You need an attorney who can fight for your legal rights. Contact the firm of DeLimon Law at (951) 777-9104 or reach out to us online to schedule your initial consultation. It is vital to get a lawyer on your side as quickly as possible because the prosecution could begin to violate your legal rights practically immediately.


Every case has its challenges and you need the best legal representation. If you are facing criminal charges call Daniel DeLimon today for a free consultation at our local number 951-777-9104 or Toll-Free at 844-777-4846 .



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