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Misdemeanor Penalties Can Still be Serious

Contrary to popular belief, misdemeanor criminal charges are not minor matters, as there is still the possibility of going to jail if you are convicted. Always seek defense help from a Riverside, CA misdemeanor attorney.


Facing any type of criminal case can be very intimidating, whether it is a serious felony or a relatively minor misdemeanor. However, it is important to note that a misdemeanor charge can still be serious and will be on your record in the long run. Connecting with an experienced attorney in your area can help to drive your case in the right direction and to achieve the best possible outcome.


For support on your case, reach out to a Riverside, CA, misdemeanor attorney at Delimon Law today and read on to learn more about how serious a misdemeanor charge can be.


Misdemeanors in California are Complicated and May Lead to Jail Time

While you might generally recognize that a misdemeanor is more of a minor offense, in California, you may still be imprisoned in county jail if you are convicted. Under the California Penal Code, a felony is distinguished from a misdemeanor based upon the potential of facing imprisonment in state prison for the crime. For a felony crime, the perpetrator may face a sentence involving years in state prison, while a misdemeanor may only result in up to 364 days of incarceration in county jail and other penalties. It is important to remember that jail time is a possibility in a misdemeanor case.


Bail is Governed by the Bail Schedule

Being charged with a misdemeanor can be difficult, and remaining in jail while waiting for the charge to process can be even harder. Under the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, the bail schedule for infractions and misdemeanors is presented on an annual basis. The code applied to your misdemeanor will determine the amount of bail that must be paid for you to cease having your freedom denied.


Misdemeanors that are not listed in the code section have a flat $500 bail amount applied to them. Knowing whether bail was fair and processing a refund following your case can be time-consuming and logistically difficult. A defense attorney on the case can help you understand the bail process and also to achieve the best possible outcome for your case in general.


Connect with a Riverside, CA Misdemeanor Attorney Today

Many people are tempted to try to save money by not hiring an attorney for a misdemeanor case, as they believe it is not a serious matter. However, representing yourself can often lead to far costlier penalties than you might receive with the right defense assistance and representation. Even trained lawyers are discouraged from representing themselves, as it is difficult to be objective on your own case under any circumstances.


When it comes to achieving the best possible outcome of your case, an experienced Riverside, CA Misdemeanor Attorney will know the criminal court policies and procedures, as well as the opposing attorneys to talk to. This can all help to avoid jail time or even get your misdemeanor charge dismissed, so you do not have a criminal record.

Contact Delimon Law today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case right away.

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