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Category Archive: DUI’s

  • DeLimon - October 11, 2021 - Criminal Defense, DUI’s

    When is DWI a Felony in California?

    You’re driving home from an outing with friends, when all of a sudden, you see the blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. At this point, if you were enjoying alcoholic beverages at the outing, you might be asking yourself whether you might ...

  • DeLimon - August 9, 2021 - DUI’s

    Wrongful Traffic Stops in DUI Cases

    Traffic stops must be justified by reasonable suspicion and, when they are not, your lawyer can use this violation to challenge your DUI charges. Discuss your arrest and charges with a Riverside DUI lawyer as soon as possible.   It might ...

  • DeLimon - July 12, 2021 - DUI’s

    Costly Consequences of a DUI Conviction

    There can be costly and lasting consequences of DUI convictions in California, and you want to do everything you can to avoid them. Always contact a Riverside DUI lawyer for assistance with your criminal case.  Driving under the influence ...


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