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Category Archive: Criminal Defense

  • DeLimon - September 6, 2021 - Criminal Defense

    What to Do at a Traffic Stop

    In 2019, almost four million drivers were stopped by law enforcement in California. Being pulled over can be a very nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are demanded to take a breathalyzer test or asked to have your vehicle searched. If y...

  • DeLimon - August 23, 2021 - Criminal Defense

    How Can a Lawyer Get Evidence Suppressed?

    Evidence issues can be complicated in criminal cases, but every defendant should make sure that evidence is suppressed whenever possible. Always have a Riverside criminal defense lawyer on your side during your criminal matter.    When a...

  • DeLimon - July 5, 2021 - Criminal Defense

    Will Your Criminal Case Go to Trial?

    Not every criminal case goes to trial, but a jury trial is necessary for some situations. Allow a Riverside criminal defense lawyer to review your options and work to resolve your case as favorably as possible. When we see movies and televi...

  • DeLimon - June 15, 2021 - Criminal Defense

    What is a Miranda Warning?

    Most people have heard of the Miranda warning, but it is important to understand what it means and what to do if you have been arrested. Invoke your right to remain silent and then contact a Riverside criminal defense lawyer. When police of...


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