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  • DeLimon- November 26, 2021 - Homicide

    Homicide Cases in the News

    Many people turn on the news and likely hear a story about someone being arrested for homicide-related charges. When someone faces such allegations, it is critical that they seek representation from a highly skilled criminal defense attorney, as their freedom is very much on the line.  After decades of a statistically downward trend ...

  • DeLimon- November 19, 2021 - Criminal Defense, Weapons Offenses

    Criminal Charges from School Shootings

    School shootings can be tragic, and they also often lead to serious criminal charges. These could include assault or homicide charges, depending on whether there were injuries or fatalities. If you or anyone you love faces charges of a violent crime or firearm offenses in California, you want an aggressive criminal defense lawyer handlin...

  • DeLimon- November 12, 2021 - Civil Rights

    New California Law Might Help Lawsuits Against Police

    As part of the last 2021 legislative session, California Governor Gavin Newsome signed several police reform bills, including SB 2, which might make it easier for citizens to sue police officers for the harm they suffered. These lawsuits regularly stem from police misconduct, including excessive force, unlawful shooting, sexual assault, ...

  • DeLimon- November 5, 2021 - Civil Rights

    School Safety Officer Faces Murder Charges

    No police officer is above the law. This principle also applies to school safety officers. One school safety officer in Southern California shot at an 18-year-old mother named Manuela “Mona” Rodriguez in early October 2021, and Ms. Rodriguez was struck by a bullet while she exited an off-campus parking lot. In this case, the school s...

  • DeLimon- October 25, 2021 - Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence

    Violating a Restraining Order Charges in California

    If you were convicted of domestic violence offenses in California, it is likely that the victim in your case obtained a restraining order against you. These orders can involve strict terms that restrict who you can contact, where you can go, and more. You might even have to leave your home and give up rights to see your children, as well...


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