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  • DeLimon- March 21, 2022 - Civil Rights

    What is Excessive Force by an Officer?

    Police officers risk their lives daily to keep us safe, so the law provides them all the tools they need to do their job effectively and safely, which includes the use of force when necessary. Unfortunately, however, the use of force is often abused—especially against Black people, as has been documented over the decades. One of the mo...

  • DeLimon- March 14, 2022 - Criminal Defense, Misdemeanor

    What are Common Misdemeanors in California?

    Being arrested for a crime is a haunting experience for many, especially those being arrested for the first time. At DeLimon Law, we help clients who have been arrested in the Riverside area in dealing with the criminal justice system. The consequences one faces after they have been arrested and charged with a crime depends on how the pe...

  • DeLimon- March 7, 2022 - Criminal Defense, DUI’s

    What Happens When You Get Multiple DUI Charges?

    Penalties and consequences for violating the law can be severe, depending on the seriousness of the criminal violation. In some cases, first-time offenders are given more lenient treatment - more as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and never to repeat the same conduct. Unfortunately, some offenses are prone to repeat violat...

  • DeLimon- February 25, 2022 - Criminal Defense, Felonies Offenses, Misdemeanor

    How Do You Avoid Jail Time for a Felony?

    If you have committed a serious criminal offense, chances are you may be charged with a felony, which has significantly greater criminal penalties and other consequences than a conviction for a misdemeanor offense. At Delimon Law, we help clients who are facing felony charges to avoid jail time whenever possible through aggressive crimin...

  • DeLimon- February 18, 2022 - Criminal Defense, Drug Offenses

    What is the Sentence for Drug Possession in California?

    Despite recent changes in California criminal law intended to address certain inequalities and other problems, drug possession remains a serious offense. Those convicted face a range of criminal sanctions summarized below, and they should speak with a drug crime defense law firm right away.   Under the California Health and Sa...


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